Solar Cooling

Our Unique Design and Highly Integrated Engineering can transform Solar Energy into Cooling and can be used in virtually all buildings to operate the cooling circuits. Solar air-conditioning systems are usually operated with entirely non-hazardous operating liquids such as water or brine solutions. They are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and can be deployed either as independent systems or in conjunction with conventional air-conditioning systems. Aside the long life cycle of our system, a primary aim remains to use solar technologies with “zero emissions” in order to reduce the level of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


  • Peak of Solar radiation and Peak of Cooling demand match perfectly
  • Regular Conventional air-conditioning systems have a substantially higher level of electricity consumption, which represents an enormous load for the power grids.
  • Solar plants are environmentally friendly and operated with environmentally friendly refrigerants and they do not emit any CO2 emissions.
  • Compared to Conventional Cooling Systems, the lifetime of the components of a Solar Cooling Systems are substantially longer (20-25+ years).
  • As solar plants contain virtually no moving parts, the maintenance and repair costs of are reduced considerably. 
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