Solar Power Plant

Each Solar Power Plant is different and our ultimate objective remains to Design & Build Highly Efficient Long Life Power Plants to deliver Maximum Energy Output at the lowest Levelized cost of Energy-Electricity (LCOE).

Menabex - Interactive System

We offer Complete Turnkey Solar Power Plants including entire related Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and our Highly-Qualified Engineers & Experts focus all efforts on all different aspects of each project including evaluation of Local Solar Irradiance, Weather Impact, Soil Affect, Local Authorities Regulations and Grid Integration Requirements (if needed) and then moving toward Completing a Detailed Design Document and Clear Procurement Details including related logistic arrangement and then followed by our environment friendly and timely manner Project Construction.

Menabex - Stand-Alone System

Our Highly trained PV Plants Construction Team are long experienced for all different types of Solar Power Projects including all different Types of Ground, Roof as well as Mobile Mounting Platforms.

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