Each Solar Power Plant is different and our ultimate objective remains to Design & Build Highly Efficient Long Life Power Plants to deliver Maximum Energy Output at the lowest Levelized cost of Energy-Electricity (LCOE).


We offer Complete Turnkey Solar Power Plants including entire related Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and our Highly-Qualified Engineers & Experts focus all efforts on all different aspects of each project including evaluation of Local Solar Irradiance, Weather Impact, Soil Affect, Local Authorities Regulations and Grid Integration Requirements (if needed) and then moving toward Completing a Detailed Design Document and Clear Procurement Details including related logistic arrangement and then followed by our environment friendly and timely manner Project Construction.


Our Highly trained PV Plants Construction Team are long experienced for all different types of Solar Power Projects including all different Types of Ground, Roof as well as Mobile Mounting Platforms.

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Our Unique Design and Highly Integrated Engineering can transform Solar Energy into Cooling and can be used in virtually all buildings to operate the cooling circuits. Solar air-conditioning systems are usually operated with entirely non-hazardous operating liquids such as water or brine solutions. They are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and can be deployed either as independent systems or in conjunction with conventional air-conditioning systems. Aside the long life cycle of our system, a primary aim remains to use solar technologies with “zero emissions” in order to reduce the level of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


  • Peak of Solar radiation and Peak of Cooling demand match perfectly
  • Regular Conventional air-conditioning systems have a substantially higher level of electricity consumption, which represents an enormous load for the power grids.
  • Solar plants are environmentally friendly and operated with environmentally friendly refrigerants and they do not emit any CO2 emissions.
  • Compared to Conventional Cooling Systems, the lifetime of the components of a Solar Cooling Systems are substantially longer (20-25+ years).
  • As solar plants contain virtually no moving parts, the maintenance and repair costs of are reduced considerably. 

Our advanced and mature Engineering Design and Integration enable us to supply solar energy in the high-temperature range for the environmentally friendly as well as low cost supply of Hot Water and Thermal Energy.

Our Safely Pioneering Tailored state-of-art Solar Heating System including all required Storage capabilities can be applied for different types of Central Heating Circuits including District Heating Systems and will meet all different customers’ expectations including an Automated Control System to interact with Existing Conventional Heating Systems.

All different size of Solar Plants contribute massively to preserving the Environment and Our strong technical capabilities allow us to create tailored solutions for all different required Thermal Heat Applications for different types of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings & Projects.


We believe in the strong potential of utilizing Solar Heat Process in many major Industries which will lead to massive energy cost savings while also help these Industries become Environment Friendly Businesses.

Process Heat is a major single energy consumption element across most Industries and our tailored Solar Engineering Design & Integrated Systems can assist most Industries to gain different cost effective forms of Heat Process applications at various high temperatures.

The advantage of many industries is the possible availability of unused Land and Roof Spaces as well as Parking Shading Spaces, which can be utilized to accommodate Solar Thermal Collectors that will provide the required Energy outputs.

We can provide solutions for different Heat Process requirements including: Thermal Oil, Pasteurization, Sterilization, Pre-heating of raw materials, Cleaning and Washing, Surface treatment, Drying, Boiler feed water and of course the Supply of hot water and steam.

Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Waste Treatment Solutions

Noise Barrier Solutions

We believe that “Excellence” can be achieved by applying collective expertise and knowledge and therefore we deal with each different project through a consortium of our highly credible internal resources – Engineers & Experts – along-with our leading Technical Partners and whether dealing with Projects Owners or-with Engineering Firms (Architecture, Civil, MEP) or-with Construction Companies, our prime mission remain to successfully meet all agreed objectives & expectations in timely manner.

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Our preliminary approach to each project start with focused evaluation of each of the Energy-Electricity Consuming parts (Cooling, Heating, Lighting, etc.) and then we move to outlining all different possible solutions.

Our Detailed Design work cover all aspects of each project including clear System Configuration as well as all related Components while also taking into consideration all different factors such as Local Solar Irradiance, Weather Impact, Soil Affect, Local Authorities Regulations and Grid Integration.

Our comprehensive Renewable Energy Engineering Design (REED) transform all agreed proposed solutions into an Optimized Design & Engineering Document that can be turned into a built Cost Effective Turnkey Project to deliver Maximum Energy Output at the lowest Levelized cost of Energy-Electricity (LCOE).

Our Operation & Maintenance strategy aims to Optimizing Plant Performance toward Maximizing Energy Output while Minimizing Maintenance Charges.

Our O&M start with focused Plant Management where we provide continuous 24/7 remote reconfigurations and sharp monitoring of Assets and Component as well as safeguard keeping of all data all through the lifecycle of the Power Plant and providing plants owners with regular and clear performance reports including value productivity vs. agreed forecasted return on investment (ROI).

Our Maintenance Packages include preventive maintenance program including management of spare parts inventory as well as regular inspection visits for basic maintenance of electrical components and mechanical parts, however our maintenance team remain ready to react promptly to emergencies and possible technical failures.

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