Renewable Energy Engineering Design

We believe that “Excellence” can be achieved by applying collective expertise and knowledge and therefore we deal with each different project through a consortium of our highly credible internal resources – Engineers & Experts – along-with our leading Technical Partners and whether dealing with Projects Owners or-with Engineering Firms (Architecture, Civil, MEP) or-with Construction Companies, our prime mission remain to successfully meet all agreed objectives & expectations in timely manner.

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Our preliminary approach to each project start with focused evaluation of each of the Energy-Electricity Consuming parts (Cooling, Heating, Lighting, etc.) and then we move to outlining all different possible solutions.

Our Detailed Design work cover all aspects of each project including clear System Configuration as well as all related Components while also taking into consideration all different factors such as Local Solar Irradiance, Weather Impact, Soil Affect, Local Authorities Regulations and Grid Integration.

Our comprehensive Renewable Energy Engineering Design (REED) transform all agreed proposed solutions into an Optimized Design & Engineering Document that can be turned into a built Cost Effective Turnkey Project to deliver Maximum Energy Output at the lowest Levelized cost of Energy-Electricity (LCOE).

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