Solar Electricity

Each Solar Power Plant is different and our ultimate objective remains to Design & Build Highly Efficient Long Life Power Plants including all related Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) to deliver Maximum Energy Output at the lowest Levelized cost of Energy-Electricity (LCOE).. 

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Solar Heating

Our advanced and mature Engineering Design and Integration enable us to supply solar energy in the high-temperature range for the environmentally friendly as well as low cost supply of Hot Water and Thermal Energy.

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Solar Cooling

Our Unique Design and Highly Integrated Engineering can transform Solar Energy into Cooling and can be used in virtually all buildings to operate the cooling circuits. Solar air-conditioning systems are usually operated with entirely non-hazardous operating liquids such as water or brine solutions.

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Solar Heat Process

We believe in the strong potential of utilizing Solar Heat Process in many major Industries which will lead to massive energy cost savings while also help these Industries become Environment Friendly Businesses.

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Our - Made in Austria –Photovoltaic Panels have acquired highest European Certifications and proven to be among the most powerful and high-efficient photovoltaic modules. 

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Our Building Integrated Photovoltaic can be individually produced to satisfy all different Projects owners, Architects and Structure Engineering Firms as we provide custom-made Glass Laminated Integrated Photovoltaic Modules to meet all different Designs Layouts and Shapes. 

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Our European Thermal Collectors have acquired highest European Certifications and proven to be amongst the most powerful and high efficient solar collectors to provide hot water, space heating, cooling, and swimming pool heating as well as process heat for all different Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications.

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Noise Barrier

Noise Barrier.
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Solar Operation & Maitenance 24/7 Monitoring

Continuous 24/7 remote reconfigurations and sharp monitoring of Assets and Component as well as safeguard keeping of all data all through the lifecycle of the Power Plant and providing plants owners with regular and clear performance reports including value productivity vs. agreed forecasted return on investment (ROI).

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Renewable Energy Engineering Design (R.E.E.D)

Our Detailed Design work cover all aspects of each project including clear System Configuration as well as all related Components while also taking into consideration all different factors such as Local Solar Irradiance, Weather Impact, Soil Affect, Local Authorities Regulations and Grid Integration. 

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